Kathy Ceceri

Kathy Ceceri

Kathy Ceceri is an award-winning writer and educator, and the author of more than a dozen books of hands-on STEAM activities for kids and teens. Formerly the Homeschooling Expert at About.com (now ThoughtCo), she wrote the Hands-On Learning column for Home Education magazine and taught her own two children at home from kindergarten until college. More recently, she has created STEAM learning materials for technology companies including Adafruit Industries, and helped the Girl Scouts of the USA develop robotics badges and a nationwide cybersecurity challenge.

Kathy has written about family life and learning for print publications and online media outlets including Make magazine, Wired, and FamilyFun. Her own family’s “at-home” science blogs were featured in The New York Times and the American Chemical Society’s Chemical & Engineering News. She continues to offer advice and consulting to homeschooling families in New York and beyond. Learn more at kathyceceri.com, @kathyceceri on Twitter, and DIY Homeschool with Kathy Ceceri on Facebook.

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August 29, 2021
12:30pm EDT/9:30am PDT

Teaching Creativity -- Why Kids Need Engineering, Inventing, and Art

The most important skill to teach our children in today’s times is creativity — whether they use it to develop new technology, start a business, make discoveries that enlarge our knowledge of the universe, or produce art that brings joy and understanding to others.

Maker, author, and homeschooling expert Kathy Ceceri will talk about the surprising overlap between engineering, inventing, and art, and demonstrate some ways to help your students explore different sides of the creative process using materials such as crafts supplies, simple software, and basic electronics.