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Luke Zelon

Luke’s experience covers the highest levels of esports, gaming, and traditional sports. He’s worked at TSM, the largest esports team in the world, LAFC (MLS soccer club), and various sports agencies. Luke graduated from Harvard University where he studied sociology and played on the football team all four years. While working at Team SoloMid (TSM), the largest esports team in the world, it became apparent that the way kids are introduced to video games is completely opposite of the way he was introduced to traditional sports. His experience playing all levels of amateur sports gives him a unique advantage in developing the next evolution of the youth gaming experience.

Luke is the founder of NXT UP Esports, a youth development program offering esports leagues, camps, and classes that teach kids important life skills through video games. The NXT UP program curriculum focuses on developing each player’s self-confidence, communication skills, leadership ability, and of course, their in-game skills.

June 12, 2022
4:00pm EDT/1:00pm PDT

Does Your Child Want to be a Pro Gamer? Everything You Need to Know!

Pro gamers are the new celebrities and many children want to play video games for a living when they grow up. But what can you do right now to put them in the best position to achieve this goal? What college scholarship opportunities are available for competitive gamers and those that want to study gaming related courses? We’ll chat all things gaming, esports, and making sure you – and your child – are prepared for the future of gaming.

**While the primary audience for this session is parents/guardians, this session is open to all ages. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in the Q&A.**

June 11, 2022
2:50pm EDT/11:50am PDT

NXT UP Esports

NXT UP Esports is the “Little League” of video games. We organize safe, social, & fun classes, leagues, and summer camps that teach kids in-game skills and strategies as well as teamwork, leadership, and communication skills they can take with them outside the game. Led by our experienced and trained coaches, our virtual programs allow kids to participate, socialize, and play from home.

NXT UP Esports is an inclusive community of players and coaches.
All programs are co-ed and open to players of all skill levels.

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