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Sam Young

Sam Young, MEd, or Mr. Sam, as his community members call him, is a growth-minded, two-time Fulbright Scholar and Director of Young Scholars Academy, a strength-based, talent-focused virtual enrichment school that supports twice-exceptional, differently-wired, and gifted students to feel seen, nurtured, and happy as heck!

Mr. Sam is a neurodivergent educator who has ADHD. As an ADHD learner, he has committed his life to empower young people to learn to develop their superpowers and lead meaningful and fulfilling lives through strength-based education.

Mr. Sam is a graduate of Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity where he studied under the legendary Dr. Susan Baum. Before founding YSA, Mr. Sam taught in a variety of capacities, including nearly a decade at Bridges Academy and an array of other programs in the US, Europe, and beyond! Travel and culture are near and dear to him. He has led 2e students to over 7 countries for immersive cultural and educational trips.

June 10, 2023
3:40pm EST/12:40pm PST

10 Steps To Enriching Strength-Based Homeschooling

Join Sam Young as he peels the curtain back and shares expert tips, wisdom, and advice on how to go beyond merely homeschooling your twice-exceptional, differently-wired, or gifted child and discover how to create an enriching strengths-based learning environment to help your kiddo grow and thrive!

Participants of this special session can expect to leave with perspective-shifting ideas and REAL actionable strategies that can be implemented in their homeschooling right away!

June 11, 2023
4:30pm EST/1:30pm PST

Young Scholars Academy

Young Scholars Academy is a virtual village that helps twice-exceptional, differently-wired, & gifted students to feel seen, nurtured, and happy as heck through strength-based courses, camps, and a community of belonging!

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