SEA Homeschoolers Online Conference Series: Attendee

The Secular Homeschool Conference
November 5-6, 2022

Saturday, March 25, 2023

  • 11:55am EST/8:55am PST: Opening Remarks – SEA Homeschoolers
  • 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST: 5 Common Barriers to Teaching Writing (and What to Do About Them) – Dr. Michelle Parrinello-Cason
  • 12:50pm EST/9:50am PST: Project-Based Learning – Blair Lee, M.S.
  • 2:00pm EST/11:00am PST:   Elevating Black Voices in Homeschooling: Insights from Outschool Educators
  • 3:10pm EST/12:10pm PST:  Teaching LGBTQ+ History – Joshua Jernigan

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Whether you’re new to homeschooling or have been homeschooling for years, we’re here to support you and provide you with the resources you need to succeed! One way we do so is through our conference series, but we also have a wealth of other resources, including masterclasses, a free homeschoolers magazine, SEA book store, and more. Plus, our Facebook group is more than 100,000 families strong, and we’re confident that you’ll be able to connect with other homeschoolers who share your values! Join our secular homeschooling community today!