Live Showcase with Q&A
Friday, July 26th
2:00-2:30pm EST

Praxis is a 12-month paid startup apprenticeship program for young people (we love homeschoolers!) who want to start their career NOW. No debt, no degrees, no boring classes.

Our goal at Praxis is simple: we want to take young professionals and help them build amazing careers by sidestepping credentials, boring internships, and other outdated hoops that young people today are told they “have” to jump through.

Homeschoolers are disproportionately part of this demographic. They’re bright, self starting, highly coachable, high character, and they’re often primed to begin their careers at a much earlier age than they think is possible.

For this reason, we are giving away one FULL TUITION ($12,000 value) scholarship to a homeschool student. That means that not only will you get free tuition, you’ll also make at minimum $14,400 during your apprenticeship! Apply by August 31, 2019 to be eligible.

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