2021 Reading Challenge


2021 SEA Homeschoolers Reading Challenge

I love reading challenges, my kids love reading challenges, but it’s rare that we love the same reading challenges. So, like most homeschoolers, when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I just created my own. The end result: a reading challenge that is easily adaptable for learners of any age and whole families to do together. We might not make it through the 24 main challenges or we might complete all 36 before the year is over, but either way, 2021 will be a literary journey filled with fiction & non-fiction, children’s books, audio-books, read alouds, new authors, new genres, and new adventures. I’d love for you to join us as we read our way through 2021 and please be sure to share about any treasures you find along the way in the SEA Homeschoolers Facebook Group.

Sample of this year’s 36 challenges:

  • A book with a main character who has your dream job.
  • A book with a LGBTQIA+ main character, written by a LGBTQIA+ author.
  • A book you know little or nothing about, but the title makes you smile.
  • A book that gives an accurate and culturally responsive depiction of Africa pre-colonization.
  • A book whose main character or narrator is an inanimate object.
  • A book mentioned in another book.
  • A biography or memoir.
  • A book about an indigenous culture, written by an indigenous author.
  • A book which takes place in more than one time period. 
  • A book about climate change.
  • A book whose characters are inclusive of people with disabilities.
  • A book from a genre you don’t normally read.

Download the printable 2021 SEA Homeschoolers Reading Challenge chart to see all 36 challenges and read your way through 2021!


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