Samantha Matalone Cook: Wand-Making and Lore (All Ages Workshop) June 2020 – Freebie Download


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Wand-Making and Lore (All Ages Workshop) June 2020 – Freebie Download

This workshop is for the whole family! Join Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT, in her magical workshop of art and invention for a LIVE workshop on wand-making! Learn the secrets to crafting a beautiful and authentic-looking wand, and learn a bit about wand lore and history as you follow along!

Before the workshop begins, you’ll need to gather your materials and set them out on a table you can work at. You can place butcher paper or another protective barrier on the table if needed. We’ll be going step-by-step, making wands together. This session is live, so questions will be answered in real time. You will need to have ready the following supplies:

· White copy paper

· Chopsticks or dowels (approx. 3/16 in x 12 in)

· Modge Podge (matte preferred) glue OR regular glue will work as well, but is not as strong or long-lasting.

· One of the following for the wand core: small feather (phoenix), horse hair or embroidery floss (unicorn), guitar string, fishing line, or waxed string/cord (dragon heartstring)

· Paintbrushes of various sizes

· Paint (black or brown for wand base, metallics or other colors for embellishment)

· Hot glue gun

· Glue sticks

· Scissors

Thank you! Here is a downloadable PDF you can use.


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