History Quest: Middle Times Study Guide


History Quest: Middle Times  Study Guide

Turn History Quest: Middle Times into a complete hands-on curriculum with its companion Study Guide.

History Quest: Middle Times Study Guide

Grade level: 1st through 6th

Pages: 264

Course type: Study guide

The History Quest: Middle Times Study Guide contains everything you need for a full year’s history curriculum for elementary-age children. Each weekly unit takes a chapter of History Quest: Middle Times, the narrative history series, and turns it into a robust unit study with a week’s worth of engaging activities. Your student will gain a broad and deep understanding of the Middle Ages through readings, geography activities, discussions, writing assignments, coloring pages, crafts, and more. Also included throughout the curriculum are four weeks of warm and cozy ancient literature study, where parents and students snuggle up together to enjoy time-honored tales from four cultures across the world. The History Quest: Middle Times Study Guide is your child’s first step in a lifelong quest to explore and appreciate history.

From the Fall of Rome to the Ottoman Empire, the study guide to History Quest: Middle Times is a complete one-year curriculum guide that combines history with activities, world geography, great books, and writing. Young students study events and people from medieval times including the Middle East, China, Europe, Mesoamerica, North America, Japan, India, Mali, Mongolia, Great Zimbabwe, Polynesia, and Russia. This comprehensive curriculum combines history studies with geography, literature, hands-on activities, and writing. 

History Quest: Middle Times Study Guide is a teacher/parent guide that provides step by step lessons to teach world history from the Fall of Rome to the 17th century CE.

This study guide includes:

  • 34 weekly units with lessons for:
    • History reading assignments from History Quest: Middle Times and history encyclopedia
    • History Travel Log entries (timeline/geography activity)
    • Terms & Concepts (learning goals)
    • Map work
    • Comprehension/Writing/Dictation/Copywork
    • Crafts/Cooking/Artwork hands-on activities
  • Medieval history blackline maps
  • Hands-on activity instructions
  • Literature and weblink enrichment recommendations
  • Unit schedules and supply lists
  • Student coloring and activity pages
Learning techniques are woven throughout History Quest Study Guides at age-appropriate levels. Students examine multiple resources, read historically significant literature, develop and strengthen critical thinking skills, practice and refine written and verbal expression, and study world geography and geographical significances throughout the history of humankind.


Discover the story of human history from the Fall of Rome through the 17th century CE. Read the History Quest chapter and associated history encyclopedia reading. Map the location and geography of ancient civilizations.


Explore Middle Ages history through imaginary time travel journeys with a History Hop reading found in History Quest. Create a History Travel Log page to mark and remember the journey.


Create crafts, projects, and tasty food that reinforce connection to the past. Cook pottage like a family in a medieval serf village, make a fire breathing dragon fierce enough for Beowulf, carve your own bas-relief sculpture like the famous Angkor Wat, bake Ethiopian flatbread, make a spitting Gargolye, and much more!


Demonstrate new knowledge and understanding through writing, discussion, copywork, and/or dictation.


Enrich understanding through exposure to multiple sources including books, online games, and videos.

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