History Quest: Middle Times


History Quest: Middle Times is a read-aloud chapter book of history’s middle times.

History Quest + History Quest Study Guide is an immersive hands-on journey through history.

History Quest: Middle Times

Pages: 530

Grade level: appropriate for 1st – 4th grade as a read-aloud, 5th grade+ as an independent read

Book type: Narrative history book with many backline illustrations and maps

Through an exciting and rich narrative, History Quest: Middle Times takes you on a journey through the Middle Ages—a time of knights and ninjas, princesses and sultans, great explorations and technological advances, exciting cities and fascinating figures. You’ll visit faraway places to meet and learn from everyday folks, famous world leaders, and characters in medieval literature.

Designed as a read-aloud for elementary-age children, an independent read for older students, or a journey of exciting adventures for family storytime, the History Quest series presents an immersive study of history in an engaging and memorable format.

History Hop! in History Quest: Middle Times

In every chapter you will find a History Hop! that takes you on an imaginary journey back in time to meet historical characters and visit historical places. Below are a few of the people and places you will visit in Middle Times:

Mesoamerica, hero twins, history quest: early times

Cheer an athlete to victory in Cahokia.

Classical Greece, History Quest: Early Times

Pitch in to help a serf family build a wattle and daub house.

Paleolithic Times - History Quest: Early Times

Make a theatrical debut in a Shakespearean play.

Ancient China in History Quest: Early Times

Explore the South China Sea with Admiral Zheng He [jung HUH] aboard the world-famous Treasure Fleet.


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