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Children with learning challenges must truly understand in order to remember. Their brains tend to store information in pictures, not words. The traditional approach of teaching mathematics using heavy doses of counting, flash cards, and rote memorizing does not work for them. Learn ways to minimize counting and concentrate on place value, strategies to teach math with visual pictures, and techniques for mastering the four operations.

secular homeschool conference School Choice Week 2018: How to Teach Math to Children with Learning Challenges

Kathleen’s Bio

Kathleen Cotter Lawler is the daughter of Dr. Joan A. Cotter, author and creator of the RightStart™ Mathematics program. She is one of the first children to grow up under the RightStart principles. Kathleen has a degree in Home Economics from the University of Minnesota and has two Masters Degrees from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. Kathleen is the mother of four children ages 21 to 25. Three of the Lawler children have graduated from North Dakota State University and the youngest is a senior at the University of Minnesota.

Kathleen travels all across the US and Canada, sharing the RightStart mission of helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics. In her spare time, Kathleen designs and creates quilts.

You can connect with me through my Website. Follow me on Facebooktwitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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