Beyond Readalouds:

How to Teach Literature and Literary Theory

From Preschool Through High School

Session Description

People often save “the good parts” of teaching literature for high school and beyond, but introducing kids to ideas like Marxism, feminism, and structuralism in the elementary years can make your read-alouds and conversations about read-alouds even more interesting. We’ll cover the basics of age-appropriate literary theory that you can implement from preschool through high school in your homeschool — without any curriculum or special training required. These simple strategies will help you add a little rigor to your homeschool literature studies without losing any of the hands-on fun.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Amy’s Biography

Amy Sharony will talk about books all day — which is pretty much what she does during the academic year, since she teaches classical literature, AP English, and honors literature seminars at a hybrid high school when she is not homeschooling her own 10th grader and 4th grader. She thinks this is pretty much the best possible use to which she can put her Ph.D in English and comparative literature from Columbia University — though it also comes in handy for crossword puzzles. Amy is the editor-in-chief of home/school/life magazine, which is probably why it has so many book lists.


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