an eclectic collection of essays, blair lee,

An Eclectic Collection of Essays

Blair’s 15 most popular essays covering a wide range of topics.
Homeschooling, Education, Travel,
Service Projects, & of course Science!

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The Renaissance of a Handcrafted Education


Handcrafted Gift, A Graduation Gift


travel, service and worldschooling

An Eclectic Collection of Essays 1


Confessions of a Classical Unschooler




30 Travel Tips from a Worldschooler

The Benefits of Secular Eclectic Academic Homeschooling


A Handcrafted Education – The High School Years


How Science Is Best Learned


Helping to Save the World Choosing a Service Project

The Best Method to Use for Learning is the one that works


Happy Almost Summer Everyone!


Vetting Secular Science Curriculum


Homeschooling from India


An Early Morning Conversation Jaisalmer, India