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Vidya Munirka School in India. Our Placements! Teaching, of course!

Vidya Munirka School in India – Volunteering

Our Placements! Teaching, of course!  Vidya Munirka School in India.

We could not wait to get our assignments. There were several projects we could be assigned to. We knew that Sean would be assigned with one of us, but there were many different choices. My husband felt that a construction-focused project would best fit his talents, and I was hoping to spend the time volunteering with one of the organizations that focused on teaching. Even Jim, my husband, was excited when we learned we would be volunteering with a literacy program through the Vidya Munirka School in the Munirka Slums in Delhi.

Happy Thanksgiving even more importantly in our house, Happy Birthday Sean!

We are going on a world schooling trip India to volunteer. We have been anticipating the news about what our assignment would be. I thought I would end up at a school, and I was correct. I will be working with a 1st/2nd grade class in a school that works with low to low-middle income students. The name of the school is the Vidya Munirka School. The school has a focus on empowering women and girls in their community. Doesn’t that sound right up my alley! It is a great assignment for Sean too. Jim was assigned to a preschool class at the same school. We will all work together, how great. Here is a YouTube video from the founder of the school.

Here is a picture of a classroom at the school and you can check out their website here. We did not actually work in a classroom setting. Where we volunteered it was open with limited desks. Our site was a feeder program to get students ready to be able to attend the classrooms.

Vidya Munirka School

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