colin harden

Colin Harden: Magic Loving Musician with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Colin Harden  is a homeschooled 14-year-old who enjoys Magic the Gathering, music, and school work (much less so than the other two).

How long have you been homeschooling? 6 years

What is your favorite part of being homeschooled? Learning at my own pace.

What are your passions? Musical Theatre and card games

How has homeschooling affected your ability to work on those? It has increased my options and ability to enjoy both.  I don’t have homework and all my school work is homework…get it.. lol. I can also take time off if I am in the middle of a production, so I can focus on what I am doing at the time.

What does a typical day look like? Some time on various topics, mostly CLEP History lately; after school, I do whatever sparks my interest.

Do you have any advice for other homeschooling kids? Discover what your needs and strengths are, and focus on those.

What is your favorite way to connect with friends? In person and online

What is your favorite book or song? Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

I know you are a musician. I think you have a band don’t you? Yes, it is called Sans Nom…right now, because we can’t think of another name we all agree on.

How did the band members decide to start a band? We are part of a co-op, and it just came out of that.

Do you have any wisdom you would like to pass on to other kids? I am not sure about wisdom, but always find something that peaks your interest and what makes you happy the most, and do it.

You decided to start a business. What prompted that? Being broke! I’m a musician, and I play Magic the Gathering!

I started this business as an opportunity to see what it is like to work in the adult world and make a few bucks. It ties to my homeschooling by teaching me budgeting, time management, and economics in general. I am hoping this adventure grows to include not just science kits but also things like educational games, including video games, and maybe even online lessons or classes.

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