Laura Kazan: Preparing for College – Homeschool Style

Laura Kazan: Preparing for College – Homeschool Style

This session will discuss the college preparation process for homeschool students. While each college has different requirements there are general trends and understanding these trends can help parents maximize opportunities. An early understanding of college types, testing, rigor, record keeping, and other factors will help reduce stress and allow parents to spend more time proving an education and less time worrying about doing it right. As a member of the homeschool community, she is dedicated to helping homeschool students access colleges that are both a personal and financial fit. Today she does workshops aimed at helping families understand the vast opportunities in higher education.

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Laura Kazan has been in the education field since 1996 when she moved to Istanbul to teach English. Since then she has worked as an ESL instructor, a technical trainer, a college professor, and an educational researcher. While working on her PhD in education she added homeschool parent to her list of achievements. Even though she had to take a break from her graduate work to educate her son she still is fiercely dedicated to her research specialty, college access.

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