When There’s More Than One: Homeschooling Gifted/2e Siblings

Whether their intensities are clashing, their neurotypical sibling doesn’t understand them, or they’re joining their bright minds to plan a parental coup d’etat, raising gifted/2e siblings is a unique journey, and teaching them is an even more intense endeavor! Together, we’ll explore strategies to foster and nurture fulfilling sibling relationships in the midst of homeschooling, all while maintaining your own sanity.

Teaching the Perfectionistic Child

Perfectionism shows up in many different forms and creates both strengths and challenges within the learning process. In this session, we will discuss why perfectionism is so prevalent among certain groups of students (particularly gifted kids), learn how to identify perfectionism, and explore specific strategies to build on the strengths of striving for perfection while minimizing the negative impact perfectionism can have.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Heather’s Biography



Heather Boorman is a homeschooling mom and therapist who specializes in supporting families living with the joys and challenges of atypical developmental needs. Additionally, Heather is the author of The Gifted Kids Workbook (August 2018) and writes & podcasts at The Fringy Bit to support parents who love a differently wired child.

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