Let’s Play Math Games!
Are you tired of flashcards? Does your child cry when you give another timed math fact test? Are you beating your head against the wall because your child can’t seem to remember the multiples of 7? This workshop will show you fabulous and effective alternatives to worksheets and flashcards by playing easy and fun math card games. Imagine your kids asking to practice their math facts more! Come and discover games to help your child learn their math facts. There will be Math Game tables at the back of this session for children attending the session with their parent(s).
Math Games 1: Short and Long Chain Solitaire
Have your kids (and interested adults) come and play some math card games. The Short Chain Solitaire and Long Chain Solitaire games provide reinforcement of the addition facts with self checking solitaires. The games cannot be won if an error is made. But best of all, these games, especially the Long Chain, provide hours of fun. Open to children 7+ for drop off.
Math Games 2: Fraction War
Send the kids (and you!) to learn about fractions with this spin off from the well-loved war game. We will provide a brief introduction to fractions, then spend the rest of the time playing games to help the children learn or review fractions. We’ll even have a more advanced game for the those who what to practice their percentages! Open to children 7+ and teens (adults too!).
Math Games 3: Multiplication
Come to this workshop to find a new way to practice your multiplication facts while playing a fun game. Open to children 7+ and teens.
Building a Solid Math Foundation
Who is going to build a house by starting with the walls? Without a solid foundation, those walls may hold
up for a bit but eventually will come crashing down. Math is a lot like building a house. We need to start with a strong foundation and build up from there. It doesn’t have to be hard! Come and see how easy it is to teach math.
Fractions: From Fear to Fun
Do you remember the groans in math class when the word “fraction” was brought up? Well, there is a
better and less painful way of teaching fractions! Fractions are, dare I say, fun when they are taught the right way. So, what’s the right way to teach them? Come and discover how to approach fractions. Experience the beauty and simplicity of fractions! Children are invited to attend with their parent(s) and participate in Fractions War at the Math Game tables at the back.
Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018
Kathleen’s Biography

Kathleen Cotter Lawler is the daughter of Dr. Joan A. Cotter, author and creator of the RightStart™ Mathematics program. She was one of the first children to grow up under the Activities for Learning principles. Kathleen has a degree in Home Economics from the University of Minnesota and has two Masters Degrees from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. Kathleen is the mother of four children ages 20 to 25. Three of the Lawler children have graduated from North Dakota State University and the youngest is attending college at the University of Minnesota. Kathleen is currently responsible for program development support, marketing, sales, and general management. She travels all across the US and Canada, sharing the RightStart mission of helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics. She is currently leading an online class with a group of middle- school students. In her spare time, Kathleen designs and sews quilts and is re-learning how to unicycle.