Creating College Ready Readers

Session Description

The goal of every homeschool teacher is to train their student(s) to be prepared to tackle the challenges of College and the “Real World.” But, what does it mean to be “College Ready”? In an survey of College Freshmen in 2017, the average student was required to complete 250-350 pages of non-fiction reading per week (35-50 pages a day). How can a home school teacher prepare their students for this literacy-heavy future?

This session uses an engaging lecture-discussion format to give teachers a simple, effective strategy for instructing how to read, comprehend, and recall information from large amounts of non-fiction texts. It will also incorporate effective note-taking techniques that compliment this literacy strategy. Teachers will walk away with ready-to-use tools to implement immediately when they arrive home.

This session is most useful for teachers of students in the 6th through 12th grade.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Michael’s Biography

Michael Grether has a Bachelor’s in Education and a Double Minor in History and Political Science from Ohio University. He also has his Master’s Degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment from Walden University. Michael has used these degrees to serve as a public school educator of World History and AP Human Geography teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina for over ten years. He has taught students of all ability levels from the 6th though 12th grades. Michael has also worked with College Board as an AP Reader/Grader for the Human Geography Exam. Michael Grether has four children that he and his wife have homeschooled for 5 years.

In addition to face-to-face and online teaching, Michael has been writing curriculum for over ten years. As the founder of Global Academic Productions, he has written three full curriculums and two complete e-textbooks.

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