Andrew Hessel

Andrew Hessel

Andrew Hessel is a micro-biologist and geneticist and entrepreur. He founded the Pink Army Cooperative, and Humane Genomics, Inc. Between 2012-2017, he was a Distinguished Researcher at Autodesk Life Sciences. Andrew is co-chair of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology at Singularity University, and a fellow at the Institute for Science, Society, and Policy at the University of Ottawa.  He received a M.Sc. in biology from University of Calgary 1993-1995 and was Research Operations Manager at Amgen Institute 1995-2002. He has also been involved in Genome Project-Write since the start in 2016 and is currently Chairman of the Board and Co-Executive Director.

April 25, 2021
4:05pm EDT/1:05pm PDT

Introduction to the Fascinating World of Synthetic Biology
A Special Presentaion with Q&A

All life on earth is based on cells, and all cells have the same fundamental architecture. Cell and molecular biologists have spent over a century reverse engineering how life works. Now, using genetic databases, software tools, and robots, we’re starting to forward engineer living systems from the ground up. This talk provides an introduction to the fascinating world of synthetic biology, a field that aims to make life as easy to program as computers, and some of the applications that could allow us to tackle major challenges like disease, food production, and climate change.

This is an all ages presentation with extended time for Q&A.
Gather your family, bring your questions, and dive into the fascinating world of synthetic biology!