Ann Ryan

Ann Ryan

After 15 yrs of homeschooling 4 very different learners I feel like I’ve tried everything once …and then a new day starts! Learning is constant and challenging and wonderful. We are an eclectic interest based homeschool family. I’m also a book nerd, writer, tea lover, beach comber, and zookeeper. I started the Learning Outside the Lines podcast 2 yrs ago to help other parents navigate their homeschool journey and find that I’m still learning myself as I cover different topics. I love helping the homeschool community and seeing kids thrive.

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July 24, 2020
1:45pm EST/10:45am PST

Homeschool Homework Before You Begin

Many parents new to homeschooling jump in wondering what curriculum to use. However, work needs done prior to jumping into curriculum searching. Taking time to think about your needs, expectations, values, and assessing your child AND yourself can help you determine what you really need and what to look for to teach your child. Taking this valuable time in the beginning of your journey can save you time in the long run and ensure a more confident start to homeschooling. Books and resources will be shared to help parents in this process.