Michlene Cotter & Alanya Snyder

Alanya Snyder and Michlene Cotter

Alanya Snyder (she/her) is a credentialed teacher who has taught in the classroom and independent study contexts for close to 20 years. Along with Michlene, she is the Co-Founder of Ka-Lo Academy, which supports self-directed education for youth. Alanya’s expertise includes facilitating youth-designed, individualized learning programs, and supporting youth in improving their organizational and relationship skills. Her scholarly research focuses on the connection between self-directed learning and social justice. She is also a community activist with Neighbors for Racial Justice and has homeschooled her children for 11 years.

Michlene Cotter (she/her) is Co-Founder and Program Director of Ka-Lo Academy, an alternative education program for youth. She is a grassroots educator who combines out-of-the-box thinking with extensive educational research. She is passionate about supporting and empowering youth and families to find the educational pathway that is right for them. Michlene is the Oakland Representative for AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization) and a homeschool parent/teacher for over 18 years. She has a BA in Social Science from the New School University, New York, and has also worked as a doula for twenty years. She practices mindfulness and meditation.

June 28, 2020
1:30pm EST/10:30am PST

Homeschooling with a Social Justice Lens

A homeschooling life provides an excellent opportunity to raise our children to recognize injustice and actively seek justice. Join experienced educators, homeschool parents, and community organizers Michlene Cotter and Alanya Snyder to talk about using our best homeschool methodologies of self-directed, community-based learning to support a social justice culture in our families.