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Alycia Wright, M.Ed.

Alycia Wright, M.Ed. is a former public educator turned homeschooling mother. Currently homeschooling three daughters with another one in a specialty high school. Alycia runs a homeschool cooperative for children of color in Virginia. She places emphasis on the importance of using a culturally relevant pedagogy and creating diverse homeschool communities & experiences. She is the Director of Radical Inclusion with Together We Will USA, Founder & Director of Cultural Roots Homeschool Cooperative, Director of Inspired Learning RVA, and an African-American Studies teacher through SEA Online Classes and Outschool.

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June 10, 2022
5:30pm EDT/2:30pm PDT

Raising Ethical Children in a Inequitable World

For every parent I’ve ever met, the goal has always been, in the end, to raise ethical, good human beings. So what happens when we look around at fellow adults or even ourselves and realize we are failing? That the world, our communities, and even our families have succumbed to so many of the -isms we promised not to fall victim to. How can we locate the point in our lives or when we as parents started to focus less on the “ethical” piece of raising our children?

In the United States, the number of hate crimes are on the rise*. Experts in this area warn that this is a global problem, not one limited to the US. As parents, what can we do? Is leading through example really enough? Are we being honest about the examples we ourselves are putting forth?

I am Alycia Wright, history educator, homeschooler, and community leader. Join me for a talk focused on the importance of intentionality and actively raising children who are ethical human beings. I will give you concrete strategies and talking points, concluding with a question and answer session.

I will also be giving away 2 six-month memberships to the Cultural Roots Patreon. Our Patreon includes a monthly webinar, suggested booklists focused on diverse cultures, and if local, access to our calendar events.


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