Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

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Saturday, August 28, 2021
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Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids is a college Biochemistry course made kid-friendly! If your child has wondered what living things are made of, what enzymes and DNA really are, or wants to understand more about the periodic table, this course is for them! Designed by a Yale-educated college professor, Dr. Daniel Fried, and recently featured in The New York Times, the program uses hand-held model building and computer molecular modeling activities to make concepts normally reserved for pre-med students available to anyone from ages 5-18. The curriculum consists of 20+ units that bring students on a grand tour of chemistry and biochemistry, starting from an introduction to atoms, and quickly advancing to topics like protein folding and genetics. Video narrations of each lesson allow students to learn on their own, but many parents love learning along with their kids.

To access the program, students need a subscription to the Biochemistry Literacy lessons and a custom molecular model kit, both of which are available from the Biochemistry Literacy website. Students can enhance their experience through optional use of a free molecular modeling software called PyMol. Each lesson includes guiding worksheets and molecular structure files which can be opened with PyMol. Dr. Fried’s YouTube channel has videos training students on PyMol as well as some other fun videos from homeschoolers.

Dr. Fried also runs live remote learning classes to enrich the experience of the students. These are not required, but give a great opportunity to learn more and apply the concepts.

Any student can learn Biochemistry Literacy! You don’t need to have any science or chemistry background to get started, and parents report that even young students learn well by simply following the video narrations, and building and drawing on their own. Biochemistry Literacy opens the door to understanding the living world at molecular resolution and can be a career and life changing experience for students. We hope you will join in this adventure! .

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