Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

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Saturday, June 11, 2022
1:20pm EDT/10:20pm PDT

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids is a unique online school for kids who want to jump start learning in biology, chemistry, medicine, nutrition, and ecology. Designed and taught by a Yale-educated college professor, Biochemistry Literacy makes advanced subjects that are normally considered too difficult for young learners fun and easy. The program’s secret is active learning through hand-held model building, computer modeling, and carefully-crafted animated video presentations.

Students can also participate in optional weekly Zoom classes to help reinforce the concepts. (Summer and Fall classes are forming now!) The curriculum consists of 25 units that bring students on a grand tour of chemistry and biochemistry, starting from an introduction to atoms and the periodic table, and quickly advancing to topics like protein folding, genetics, and even the chemistry of stars!

To participate in the program, parents should use the purchase page to access the web based curriculum ($100) and order a custom molecular model set ($40). Lessons include pre-recorded videos, worksheets, answer keys, supplemental videos, and 3D molecular modeling files. Even elementary-level kids can work independently on the program, and the units are enough for about 1 year of study. Graduates of the program often continue with advanced Zoom classes that cover dozens of other topics in biology and chemistry.

Any student can learn Biochemistry! You don’t need a strong science background to participate. Students with all skill levels are welcome. Check out this free trial lesson to see how fun and easy it is to learn about the periodic table, hemoglobin, and molecular building. Biochemistry Literacy can be a life changing experience for students, and opens their eyes to the hidden molecular world that is all around us!

Join the program’s Facebook group to see what other families are doing with the curriculum, and feel free to contact its creator and teacher, Dr. Daniel Fried, with any questions. Check out the project’s news page to see how the program is being used, and to access podcasts and other media about Biochemistry Literacy and its creator. We hope you decide to join this amazing program!