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Learn about the Power of Using a Growth Mindset

July 2023 SEA Homeschoolers Bookclub

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Book 1 in the SEA Homeschoolers Book Club. We will be reading Mindset Starts July 2nd!

Join SEA Homeschoolers Founder, Blair Lee, as we read Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Ph. D. as the first book in the new SEA Homeschoolers Book Club. Starting July 2nd, we will read two chapters per week and have weekly discussion posts in the SEA Homeschoolers main group. The book club will conclude with a live virtual discussion on July 30th. Mindset looks at differences between a fixed and a growth mindset. This is an important topic that all educators and parents should learn more about.If you were at Blair’s conference session in June, this is the book club she mentioned. If you missed her conference session, we’ll be posting a link to the recording in the book club event this weekend.

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Even if you think you already have a growth mindset you might be surprised. Recently, in a team meeting it was pointed out that I had done a couple of Facebook Lives and I had not done a great job. These were years ago and the critique was valid. But, that was then.

My response was, “Wait a minute, you just used a fixed mindset on me. I refuse to approach anything without a growth mindset.” We all laughed. Then we had a mini-coaching session, so that I could do a good job with the Facebook Live session a couple of days later.

As you read through the first two chapters, I encourage you to begin looking for where a fixed mindset is applied by you and to you. Challenge it and change it. We are all students of life. Sometimes our best is fantastic. Just as often it isn’t. If you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, learning as you go, you can grow in any area you want to!

On July 30th, you can be the judge when we have our Facebook Live, 😉. Have I grown from not good to better? 😄
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