What Constitutes Secular Academic Materials

What Constitutes Secular Academic Materials?

It can be challenging to find secular curricula and programs for your homeschooled children. As long as materials being taught are for academic purposes and do not incorporate religious materials, they can be considered secular. In this blog, we dive into this a little more. Read on and be sure to connect with SEA Homeschoolers today!

Secular Science Curricula

Secular science curricula and programs should present the accepted facts, principles, models, and theories explaining how the natural and physical world works as recommended by a majority of practicing experts in that area of science. Science curricula and programs should not exclude or misrepresent scientific facts, principles, models, or theories that are considered core ideas in the field.

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What Shouldn’t Be Included in Secular Science Curriculum

Secular science curricula and programs should avoid a few things. They should not minimize, misrepresent, or omit accepted scientific facts, principles, models, or theories. They should not incorporate religious philosophy into the curriculum or program. And they should not politicize science issues in a way that misrepresents the issues.

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Secular History Curricula

Secular history curriculum is one that does not posit, present, or endorse religious beliefs, texts, philosophies, and teachings as factual. Secular curricula can and often will discuss the influence of religions and religious belief in historical events.

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What Shouldn’t Be Included in Secular History Curriculum

Similar to secular science curriculum, a secular history curriculum should not present religious beliefs and teachings as factual. There are two common ways the non-secular curricula present religious beliefs in this way. They can present religious texts as historically factual accounts and they can present history events as divinely influenced.

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We are a diverse, international community of secular homeschoolers and our goal is to provide you wHistory and science are the two most problematic academic disciplines when it comes to finding curricula and programs for secular homeschooling parents. Other academic disciplines are considered academically secular if they do not incorporate or include religious sentiments, homilies, or readings except where academically relevant. For example a literature course that includes Milton’s Paradise Lost, John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, or Dante’s Inferno could be part of a secular course of study if the purpose for its inclusion is strictly academic. Learn more about secular homeschooling and get in contact with Secular Eclectic Academic today!ith the resources you need to create an education handcrafted to your child’s unique strengths, passions, and weakness. Join the 100,000+ families in our community today!

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