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How to Put Together the Best Science Field Trip Ever

  Field trips aren’t just fun; they are also educational! Field trips give kids opportunities for hands-on learning, allow for new experiences, and lead to a better understanding of topics. By taking science field trips, kids can experience things that expense and expertise put out of most people’s reach. By following a few simple tips, you can ensure the science field trips this year are the best ever. When planning what your children will study in science during the coming year, start thinking of when and where field trips would make sense. Include these in your overall homeschool plan...

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A Real World Application of the Scientific Method: the Theory of Evolution

How the Scientific Theory of Evolution Was Developed, and How and Why It Continues to Evolve (As All Good Scientific Theories Should) For all the controversy surrounding evolution, you would be justified in thinking the theory of evolution stands on shaky ground as far as the scientific method goes. In fact it was through standard, rigorous applications of the scientific method that scientists came to their current understanding of the evolutionary process. Science investigations begin with one or more questions about phenomena observed in the natural or physical world. The theory of evolution attempts to answer three basic questions:...

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The Scientific Method: Defined, Applied, Understood, Learned

How did you learn the scientific method? If I were to ask you what the scientific method was, would you rattle off a series of terms? Would you say to me hypothesis, procedure, observations, data and calculations, results, and conclusion? What does this series of terms mean? Why is the scientific method so significant it is a component of all well done scientific studies? More importantly for you as a homeschooling parent, how can you make sure your children are learning the scientific method in a meaningful way? The Scientific Method: Defined The scientific method is an investigative method...

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Four Ways to Make this Year’s Science Class Great

Originally published in the summer, 2016 issue of Home | School | Life Magazine with the title Four Ways to Make Next Fall’s Science Class Great By Blair Lee This is the time of year when most homeschoolers reflect about how the previous academic year went. How did science go? Was it a great year for learning science or not? You might be surprised to know I have had a couple of less than stellar years of homeschooling science. The first year I homeschooled, I didn’t do any pre-planning for science. I was so busy figuring out all the...

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Algorithm Created to Engineer Cellular Behavior Written By: Carmen Leitch

Algorithm Created to Engineer Cellular Behavior Written By: Carmen Leitch ; The algorithm, developed by Michael Brent, the Henry Edwin Sever Professor of Engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, is called NetSurgeon. It selects genes that need to be removed or silenced in the genome of a cell in order to coax it to perform a desired function, typically a normal thing the cell does but under atypical circumstances. Baker’s yeast cells, for example, will usually make a large amount of alcohol when fed a certain type of sugar –from edible corn kernels. When the NetSurgeon...

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