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Using RSO Biology 2 for High School Biology

There is a planned level 3 book that will use the Level 2 book with added material in each chapter and in each unit. In the mean time, I am getting many requests for how Biology 2 could be brought up to the high school level. Some parts of it, like the microscope section, are already at a Level 2 and 3. This is not as complete as the level 3 book will be, but like these suggestions, the level 3 book will use Bio 2 and add to it. Before I get into the specifics of how to do this, I would tell you...

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A Present for You on Darwin Day

Happy Darwin Day! SEA Homeschoolers and Pandia Press are teaming up to give you a Darwin Day present! We hope you have the happiest of Darwin Days! This lesson is from one of the Famous Science Series from R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Biology 2. Free Darwin Day Lesson  – Enjoy! This post contains an affiliate link....

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Science and the Secular Homeschooler

I live in Southern California. I taught science at community college, and now I write about it. Those two sentences convey a lot of information about how easy it is for me to negotiate my way through the homeschool community. Where I live in California, there are many large secular or inclusive homeschool groups. In my experience in California, unless a group states that it is faith-based, it is understood that it isn’t. With one exception, the religious homeschoolers I have met in California have never seemed put-off by my stance about science or my being secular. I once...

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Why “Neutral” Science Isn’t Neutral

by Blair Lee Are there any science types reading this title wondering who I am? Or do you know who I am and think I’ve finally lost it? I am not talking about science as it is practiced and taught at most universities throughout the United States. I’m talking about the special brand of “neutral” science found in the homeschool community. The “neutral” science I’m referring to is science that suffers from omission. These are middle and high school level science courses that leave out the bits they think will offend people because of their faith and philosophy of...

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Yellowstone National Park, Montana

On Silent Wings, Owls I love owls! Owls get me thinking about the natural selection that must have taken place for a bird to be a successful nighttime predator. From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense that a bird would evolve to fill the niche of flying nighttime predator. It’s the steps to getting there that fascinate me. What do you think came first silent flight, superior hearing, or the ability to see well in the dark? The parks we have stayed in had ranger talks every night. The owl talk at Yellowstone National Park was an excellent one....

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