Self-Directed Education

Aaron Eden: Facilitating Self-Directed Education

Self-Directed Education

The benefits of self-directed learning are huge, but facilitating it well can be very challenging.

Aaron is a seasoned facilitator of self-directed education, and a sought-after trainer of school and parent educators. He works with teachers and parents around the world to build a deep understanding of the principles that support self-directed learning, and a comfort with acting on them consistently.

Aaron and his family returned to Monterey, CA just over a year ago after “ed-sploring” the world for seven months and spending 18 months resident in Bali, Indonesia. In Bali, Aaron served as Director of Entrepreneurial and Enterprise Programmes at the Green School, where his three children explored their world as part of the school and broader community.

The creator of innovative education programs focused on using self-directed education such as iLead+Design and LEAP Academy, Aaron is also co-founder of the education transformation consulting firm Eliad Group.