kate Laird

Kate Laird: Homeschooling 101

Kate Laird: Homeschooling 101

Kate Laird’s talk will cover the basics of beginning homeschooling.

1. Who homeschools?
2. Is it legal?
3. How much will it cost?
4. What about socialization?
5. What about high school?
6. How do I begin?
7. Types of homeschooling
1. Deschooling
2. Unschooling
3. Eclectic
4. Classical
5. Afterschooling
6. Emergency Homeschooling
8. Should I buy a boxed curriculum?
9. Where can I find help?
10. Where can I find guidelines about what to study when?


Kate Laird is the author of Homeschool Teacher: A Practical Guide to Inspiring Academic Excellence.

She graduated from Harvard with a degree in history, a good set of study skills, and a 100-ton captain’s license.

Her first teaching job began seven days after graduation, tutoring three children on a sailboat crossing the Pacific. That “year off” turned into twenty-five, as she worked on boats around the world, sometimes pausing to write about it.

In the middle, she taught for another two years at the University of New Hampshire, while earning an MA in English, but then didn’t think much more about education until it came time to teach her two daughters.

She’s been homeschooling for twelve years (and counting), as the family worked and traveled on the edges of civilization from Greenland to Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego to New Zealand, through the South Pacific to Japan and now in Alaska.

You can find her online at www.katelairdbooks.com