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SEA Homeschoolers’ Holiday Service Project

Pine Ridge has a special place in my heart. Blair Lee introduced us to the opportunity available for a week of hard labor in exchange for learning more about the Reservation. She warned me it was life changing. I still was not prepared to have my life changed the way it was. We spent a week there with our children. We were joined by groups of people who were strangers for less than 24 hours, and then became friends. I know poor. I live and work in West Virginia. I have worked with families living in extreme poverty. The...

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Lunar Ramblings

Once again I woke my family up in the middle of the night. Sean does a better job of waking up than Jim and the only dog that wakes up well is Sean’s pug Jezzie. The other two dogs would rather sleep even when I go outside. I have been waking the entire family up for almost two years now as I have been writing RSO Astronomy and Earth 2. They have been waking up to see meteor showers, alignments of the planets, and finally a lunar eclipse. I say finally because the other two were hidden by clouds. I...

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Confessions of a Classical Unschooler

Classical Unschooler, there is an accommodationist phrase for you! If you are wondering what it means to be a classical unschooler in terms of teaching methodology, it means the method I use to homeschool my son does not fit neatly into any one box. The teaching method I use with my son depends on the subject as well as his passion or lack thereof for that subject. My journey to homeschooling started 12 years ago, when I came across the book The Well Trained Mind. I loved the teaching methodology described in it. I could imagine teaching my then...

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A Handcrafted Education

I love coffee. My favorite coffee drink right now is a salted caramel soy white chocolate latte extra salt with just a little whipped cream to hold the salt. My favorite coffee drink has changed over time; this is just the current favorite. The Starbucks baristas are always happy to make it just like I like it. That is because Starbucks makes handcrafted beverages, it is their shtick. As I was lying in bed this morning thinking with excitement about my upcoming trip, I realized that was what I am creating for my child, a handcrafted education. Homeschooling at its...

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