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SEA Homeschoolers October Booklist, 2017: 25 Frequently Recommended Books From Our Online Community

On any given day you will find multiple conversations focused on books in our online community. Rich discussions of authors and subject matter, innovative ideas for related lessons, and always a plethora of recommendations for more books. Reading back through hundreds of threads in various SEA Homeschoolers Facebook groups these 25 books have been recommended time and time again. Having read nearly every book on this list I can certainly understand why.   Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall – A funny, insightful, and colorful story about being true to your inner self and following your own path despite...

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Sean Lee: Working His Passion

Sean Lee is a 17-year-old homeschooler. He likes movies, video games, and hanging out with family and friends. How long have you been homeschooling? I have been homeschooled since first grade. What is your favorite part of being homeschooled? The freedom to do whatever I want academically What are your passions? Skiing, cars, and videography How has homeschooling affected your ability to work on those? Homeschooling has allowed me to change my schedule so I can ski five days a week all winter, learn everything I want to about cars, and take classes on film making. Can you tell us about your pet? I...

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Book List: SEA Homeschoolers Teen Book Club 2017/2018

The 2017-2018 SEA Homeschoolers Teen Book Club is starting. This year in lit class, the main focus is on egalitarianism. In addition to the social issues discussed, there will be an ongoing discussion about how the variety of techniques, genre, and structure each author chooses affects the story and the way readers access it. I think there are real benefits to be gained for one’s own writing from studying the writing of others. If your child just wants to read the books without the discussion, that’s okay too. I write discussion questions and occasionally give links to ancillary material for...

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Colin Harden: Magic Loving Musician with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Colin Harden owns Real World Science Supplies. He is a homeschooled 14-year-old who enjoys Magic the Gathering, music, and school work (much less so than the other two). His science supply kits are available for sale on the SEA Homeschoolers website and on the website Secular Eclectic Academic. How long have you been homeschooling? 6 years What is your favorite part of being homeschooled? Learning at my own pace. What are your passions? Musical Theatre and card games How has homeschooling affected your ability to work on those? It has increased my options and ability to enjoy both.  I don’t...

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Choosing an Educational Game

If you decide that educational games might be useful for your child, it might seem like there are way too many things to consider. How popular they are, what themes and subjects to focus on, how recommended they are and so on. And while there are a lot of educational games out there, I hope I can help you narrow down your options — not based on what the games seem like on the surface, but on what type of learning your child will experience when they’re playing. What is your Child Actually Doing while Playing? One of the...

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The Most Important Homeschooling Resource I Have is This

It’s that time. Again. I’m culling my bookshelves. I’m sorting out the materials we used and the ones we never used.  The weeks and months of searching endlessly for the right curriculum has made me a creature who hoards educational materials, like a dragon hoarding gold. We go to great lengths to create a school-at-home environment.  It’s an addictive habit that rewards us when our school rooms look shiny and well put together.  As if to say, “See? I’ve got this homeschooling stuff figured out.”  It’s deceptive because a well-used shelf or bookcase would be endlessly messy.  A weekly if not daily...

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Top Ten Reasons I Wanted a Secular Homeschool Conference in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

10. Shepherdstown is located 1 hour from Washington DC, 1.5 hours from Baltimore, 3 hours from Philadelphia and 5 hours from New York. It is located in the middle of the East Coast.  IS 81 runs up and down the East Coast and IS 70 runs from East to West Coast. 9. Having a homeschool group that teaches, discusses and shares information about evolution and climate change. 8. Networking, forming friendships, having fun! 7.  Opportunities for my secular teens to meet with other secular kids and teens. 6. Learning about, discussing, identifying ways to support my teens academic futures....

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SEA Welcomes You to Shepherdstown, WV

I love Shepherdstown, WV, and I am so excited to share this town with everyone coming to the SEA Conference. My kids and I spend a lot of time there; it is a very homeschool friendly community. We will often go walk several miles along the C and O Canal then hit the Green Pineapple for some Bubble Tea or Asian Fusion food. We also attend many activities at Shepherd University, and then often get dinner at The Blue moon Cafe. For us the Blue Moon is ago to place to eat with local, fresh food and options that...

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Letter from the Editor, March 2017

  Yeah! It’s March, my favorite month of the year, and this March has been especially good. Sean is much improved. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me with your well wishes. Even more importantly, he is a much more cautious driver. Spring is in the air in California. I am a gardener and this has been a great year for gardening. The weather has alternated between rainy and cool and sunny and warm. I have finished my latest book Climate Change for Kids. A book I have come to jokingly call my protest book. Digging...

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