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The Most Important Homeschooling Resource I Have is This

It’s that time. Again. I’m culling my bookshelves. I’m sorting out the materials we used and the ones we never used.  The weeks and months of searching endlessly for the right curriculum has made me a creature who hoards educational materials, like a dragon hoarding gold. We go to great lengths to create a school-at-home environment.  It’s an addictive habit that rewards us when our school rooms look shiny and well put together.  As if to say, “See? I’ve got this homeschooling stuff figured out.”  It’s deceptive because a well-used shelf or bookcase would be endlessly messy.  A weekly if not daily...

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Top Ten Reasons I Wanted a Secular Homeschool Conference in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

10. Shepherdstown is located 1 hour from Washington DC, 1.5 hours from Baltimore, 3 hours from Philadelphia and 5 hours from New York. It is located in the middle of the East Coast.  IS 81 runs up and down the East Coast and IS 70 runs from East to West Coast. 9. Having a homeschool group that teaches, discusses and shares information about evolution and climate change. 8. Networking, forming friendships, having fun! 7.  Opportunities for my secular teens to meet with other secular kids and teens. 6. Learning about, discussing, identifying ways to support my teens academic futures....

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SEA Welcomes You to Shepherdstown, WV

I love Shepherdstown, WV, and I am so excited to share this town with everyone coming to the SEA Conference. My kids and I spend a lot of time there; it is a very homeschool friendly community. We will often go walk several miles along the C and O Canal then hit the Green Pineapple for some Bubble Tea or Asian Fusion food. We also attend many activities at Shepherd University, and then often get dinner at The Blue moon Cafe. For us the Blue Moon is ago to place to eat with local, fresh food and options that...

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Letter from the Editor, March 2017

  Yeah! It’s March, my favorite month of the year, and this March has been especially good. Sean is much improved. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me with your well wishes. Even more importantly, he is a much more cautious driver. Spring is in the air in California. I am a gardener and this has been a great year for gardening. The weather has alternated between rainy and cool and sunny and warm. I have finished my latest book Climate Change for Kids. A book I have come to jokingly call my protest book. Digging...

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Out of the Box Learning, Empowering You On Your Homeschool Journey

I don’t often read books on homeschooling. Not that I don’t think I can learn from others experiences, but finding a book whose author I could connect with, that didn’t push a specific methodology, and wasn’t dripping with religious references, was more of a challenge than it was worth to me. As the homeschool community has evolved so have the homeschooling books available and I have been pleasantly surprised by a few of them recently. When I picked up my copy of Beverly Burgess’ book, Out of the Box Learning, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as I...

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