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Out of the Box Learning, Empowering You On Your Homeschool Journey

I don’t often read books on homeschooling. Not that I don’t think I can learn from others experiences, but finding a book whose author I could connect with, that didn’t push a specific methodology, and wasn’t dripping with religious references, was more of a challenge than it was worth to me. As the homeschool community has evolved so have the homeschooling books available and I have been pleasantly surprised by a few of them recently. When I picked up my copy of Beverly Burgess’ book, Out of the Box Learning, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as I...

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Reading Challenge: January 2017

One month into 2017 and my kids and I are having a blast with the SEA Homeschoolers’ Reading Challenge! My son and I are reading all new books for the challenge, for my daughter we are reading a mix of new books and rereading some favorites. Each month I will share what we have been reading as well as recommendations from other homeschooling families doing the challenge. Reading Challenge Recommendations from Kinsey age 2 Annabelle and Aiden The Story of Life by JR Becker  JR Becker will be at the SEA Homeschoolers Conference in June to read from this...

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Our Journey Together

About 11 o’clock Friday night February 3, I got the call every parent with a teen aged driver dreads. My 17-year-old son had been in a car accident, and they were taking him to the hospital. He will be okay. He had part of his small intestine removed and a tear in his colon sewn up. As I sat in his hospital room, I reflected on our homeschooling journey and homeschooling in general. This might seem like a strange thing to be thinking about; perhaps it was because the weekend was supposed to be a work weekend focusing on...

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Unschool When You Can; Teach When You Must

By Kate Laird Kate Laird will be participating in SEA Homeschoolers’ School of Choice Week, 2017, airing from January 22 to 28, 2017. Kate’s podcast will air on January 25. Our school is an intersection of classical education and unschooling.  I think of my philosophy as unschool when you can; teach when you must. Children love learning, they love making discoveries and they love being left alone to learn. I trust them to do this. Almost. If I left my children to completely unschool, they would read thousands of books and paint thousands of pictures, but they wouldn’t do...

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Love in a Time of Fear

Written by Jason Grooms As parents, our strongest emotions and greatest instincts all connect to our children in one way or another. We are proud of them greater than any pride for ourselves. We love them deeper than any other love we’ve felt. We fear for them worse than any other fear. And above all, we want to protect them with a ferocity that is unparalleled. On a biological level, it’s one of the mechanisms that has evolved to preserve our genetic lineage and protect our survival as a species. From a scientist’s view, it makes perfect sense that...

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Life as a Journey

“Life is all about the journey, not the destination.” We’ve all heard it a thousand times and when times get tough, we use it to comfort ourselves. For me, it’s something else. For me, it’s pure rapture. As a kid staring out of the car window, every clutch of trees in the interstate median had a Robinson Crusoe sanctuary just beyond the first line of pines. Every wooded lot was an exotic jungle and every mound of construction dirt a faraway desert dune. There was something magical and exhilarating about the continual line of experiences that the road served...

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SEA Homeschoolers’ Holiday Service Project

Pine Ridge has a special place in my heart. Blair Lee introduced us to the opportunity available for a week of hard labor in exchange for learning more about the Reservation. She warned me it was life changing. I still was not prepared to have my life changed the way it was. We spent a week there with our children. We were joined by groups of people who were strangers for less than 24 hours, and then became friends. I know poor. I live and work in West Virginia. I have worked with families living in extreme poverty. The...

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The Benefit of Homeschooling, It’s Innovative, It’s Eclectic, It’s Organic, It’s Academic

By Blair Lee, A Voice from the Middle There is a revolution going on right now in education. It’s called homeschooling. I am part of a fringe group in this revolution. You don’t hear a lot from us, but there is a group of homeschoolers who consider our style of homeschooling as both eclectic and academic. You don’t hear from us because on the one hand we are the unloved mongrels of the homeschooling community so we keep a low profile, and on the other hand we are too busy figuring out how to best facilitate our children’s education....

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There are 11 ways to connect with SEA Homeschoolers on Facebook

Written by Kat Hutcheson Building a secular, eclectic, academic community is an important part of SEA Homeschoolers. It started with our main academic group, Secular Eclectic Academic (SEA) Homeschoolers, and has now grown to include 8 subgroups. SEA Homeschoolers Main Group is where we share ideas, resources, interesting articles from around the web, have conversations about eclectic academics, ask questions about homeschooling, and discuss curriculum and learning. This group is gregarious, and friendly. We stay strictly on academic issues in this group. SEA Homeschoolers main group is exclusively secular and inclusively welcoming. You must be a member of the main...

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Homeschooling from the Dad Side: Back to School

It’s that time of year again. The department stores are festooned with giant cardboard cutouts of pencils, notebooks and backpacks. Office supply stores are practically giving crayons and paper away, and the weekday morning commute just doubled. That’s right; it’s back to school time, at least for some people. For many families, it’s time to stock up on supplies, head to parent-teacher conferences, and get their kids back into the groove of learning.  For us, however, it’s time to dust off answers we’ve given a hundred times about what homeschooling is and why we do it because this is...

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